4 Steps to Take When Refinancing Your House

refinanceWhen it comes to refinancing, you want to make a significant benefit on your mortgage, your extra equity, and other avenues of your overall life. To refinance your house, you must take a realistic look at your financial situation. Don’t make any rash decisions regarding a good refinancing plan. Here are some steps you should take in order to make this process go by a lot smoother.

Refinancing Benefits – How an FHA refinance mortgage can benefit today’s homeowners.

refinancey playRefinance Options – Here you can find 5 awesome FHA refinance options you need to know about.


Step 1. Why are you refinancing?

Ponder but not too long about when and why you should start refinancing. A refinance may be a good way for you to get lower mortgage rates. This will help you create some more security as far as your home is concerned. You won’t have any big surprises down the road. If the market does change, a good lender will keep you informed of any new updates. On the other side, a good amount of credit and equity you’ve built over the years can easily be utilized to invest in a brand new property. Consider all of these possibilities ahead of time. Make sure you have a solid way of paying back the interest rates on these specific options to prevent any major financial debt from occurring.

Step 2. Conventional Refinance or Federal Refinance?

When it comes time to refinance your house, you really need to put into perspective what the best option is for your goals. You need to separate what makes each one unique. For some people, they are more comfortable with a higher down payment and more paperwork in a conventional loan. While it does take a huge chunk of money to close the home, it’s easier to refinance at the optimal rate of 6%. That opens up a lot of doors regarding financing a new property.

A federal refinance may seem better at first, but you have to realize that a lower level of credit and equity is normally made up in different ways.

  • Paying a much higher interest rate
  • High premiums (monthly and yearly)
  • Large amount of debt that you might struggle with later.
  • Waiting a while to build up the reserves to relinquish the equity

*Note: A streamline plan is rather quick especially if your sole reason of refinancing is to get lower mortgage rates. However, you can only use the equity towards the mortgage, and you cannot get a cash sum for your personal reasons.

A federal loan has its ups and downs. Make sure that your refinance fits with the ups in your financial plan.

Step 3. The Risky Business of Borrowing Money

refinanceWhen your borrow against your own credit and equity, it’s not a “get out of jail free” card like Monopoly. It costs! It really takes the time to measure if this situation harms or helps your overall mortgage ordeal. One of the main reasons why homeowners are hesitant to refinance is because there’s a huge chance of a long term debt. If you decide to refinance your house, you should see what immediate and future financial needs this fulfills. You have to be willing to meet the demands of the lender such as paying an appraisal fee to determine the safety and health value of your home. Things such as inspections and repairs add up in costs with the different refinance rates displayed by your lender. Look at the market, different rates, and really find the one solution that works for you and your budget.

Step 4. A Variety of Options is Key When Refinancing

One of the best things to help refinance your house is to consult multiple lenders. Always go after the best deal for the long term adventure. Never be satisfied with a low refinance rate only to have super high interests or crazy fees to protect the lender’s rear end. Make sure you clearly understand what you’re about to get yourself into before you decide to sign off for the next 15 or 30 years.

A diverse set of options will certainly help you refinance your house in a much smoother fashion. Be smart and decide your next move regarding a solid refinance plan.


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