How are Homeowners Receiving Low Refinance Rates?

low refinance ratesYou always want to come out on top after picking a refinance option you believe will help your situation. You want to get in a situation where you want to obtain the lowest refinance rates, but don’t incur so many other costs as a result. You may have needs such as stabilizing your mortgage to get back on better footing financially outside of your house obligations, or you may want to have the choice to utilizing equity to improve other sections of your life. In any case, here are a few ways homeowners are receiving lower rates.


What’s Your Motivation for Refinancing?

refinance rateWe all have our individual reasons behind refinancing. Sometimes, this may not result in the lowest rates available but it will set us up for better financial stability down the line. You have to compromise a slightly higher refinance rate in order to get lower mortgage payments for a short period of time. However, you may find that this is the better solution to settle for a healthy medium. For example, if you were to apply for a federal streamline refinance, you may get the lowest refinance rate over an extended period of time that results in a higher mortgage balance. On the good side, you won’t have to wait a long time for your refinance request to be approved, unlike a conventional loan. Also, you won’t have to worry about a high level of credit or equity to go ahead with your plans. Look at the situation from multiple angles besides the optimal refinance rate.


Solid Credit and Equity Can Help You Obtain Better Refinance Rates

Some lenders give you a higher refinance rate because they simply want to incur less risk in case you may default or foreclose. It’s kind of like an exit strategy in case things go south. However, if you have a history of quality payments and a great credit report, you can show your lender how dependable you are when it comes to a long-term borrowing situation. In fact, a lender may give you some of the lowest refinance rates just because you aren’t as much of a risk as his other clients. Use this to your advantage especially when you consider a federal cash out refinance that allows you to have the freedom to fund other things such as auto loans, student loans, and vacations.


Discuss All of Your Fees When Lowering Your Rate

low refinance ratesRefinance rates are only a part of the costs when it comes to new financial strategies. You also have to account for the different fees that may associate with a particular refinance option. A refinance rate may be great for a period of time, but may prove detrimental as you get deeper into the situation. For example, if you acquired a federal cash out refinance, there’s a good chance that you didn’t put down a 20% down payment in the home. As a result, you have to pay different premiums and other costs that would otherwise have been paid upfront with a conventional loan. If the lender does decide to go and pay those upfront fees, they have the authority to give you higher interest rates. This could take quite some time to recoup and leave you with a huge mortgage balance that continues to grow with time if you don’t find a way to settle it. Don’t leave yourself in this type of situation where your finances are in a bind. If you decide to use a conventional loan, it may be quite costly upfront because you may not have that equity on hand and it’s a lot harder to close. However, it definitely gives you options if you choose to move in a different manner down the line.


Diversity Is Key Especially When You Consider FHA Financing

Become well versed with refinance rates across the board as you speak with numerous lenders. Due to a volatile market, you may not get refinance rate you desire. However, you can find whether a federal or conventional loan would set you up in a better situation. Also, you’ll find what’s convenient for you regarding different rules, regulations, and fees.  Think of how the complete package of a refinance option benefits you as opposed to a simple refinance rate that doesn’t take into account other high costs.


By really taking your time to come up with new financial strategies, you’ll find why the lowest refinance rates from your lender may or may not be the best choice for your current situation.