Yippy, FHA is Going to Refinance my Home!

mortgage refinanceThe process of refinancing your home under FHA is minimal. Become well aware of the rules and regulations that go into this federal loan. This way there’s less hassle to get accepted into the program. You’ll find federal loan options make the refinance process a lot easier especially if you’re a relatively new homeowner. Here are some things to think about before you go into a more permanent situation.

Find Ways to Refinance Your FHA home

FHA Cash Out Refinance

FHA Home Requirements for Loan Approval



How to Get Started With FHA Requirements

It’s a bit easier to get federal loans because the rules are not as complicated as conventional loans. For homeowners that aren’t really enthused with doing a lot of paperwork, you won’t have to worry about it in a federal refinance plan. It’s quite simple and it’s actually reasonable. Here are a few things you should have on hand for your lender:

  • All the addresses where you have lived in the past two years.
  • Your employer’s name and addresses for the past two years.
  • Your gross monthly salary.
  • Up to date W-2 forms on hand.

W-2 are a great source document to give to your lender. With any major form of documentation, keep copies. You always want records of these documents so you can easily answer any inquiries on the lender’s behalf.

Stay on Top of Your FHA Mortgage

mortgage refinanceYou want as many opportunities as possible to find the best option for refinancing. Start by having a great record in your mortgage. Lenders give first priority to homeowners who exemplify a spotless record in their mortgage. However, if you do have a couple blemishes in your mortgage payments, make sure it was not recent. Strive for a year of on time payments to show how responsible you’ll be in going forth with a refinance. If there are any major flaws in your mortgage that was not your fault, make sure to clear it up before hand. When you make your payments, document it all. You can take a picture of your receipts through a mobile device to have on hand for the future. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. When it comes time to refinance your house under FHA, you want it to go smoothly and speedily.

What’s the Best Refinance Option To Choose?

mortgage refinanceChoosing your refinance option is purely up to preference and reason. If your not aware of federal refinances, here’s a brief synopsis. You have two main options on hand: a federal cash out refinance and a federal streamline refinance.Take a real life example of using equity towards your car. Let’s say you wanted to pay your auto loans on a brand new car. Well, if you decide to get a federal cash out refinance, you can certainly use the equity to help you in your auto loan. Also, you have options of paying student debts, investing in a second property, and financing a vacation or an emergency fund. To be able to handle all of this, a quality credit score and equity percentage is needed. If you find out your credit score is 580, you’ll need 3.5% in equity. This is typically the rate given to potential homeowners who want to close on a property via federal government loans. If you have less than a 580 credit score, you’ll need 10% equity in your home. In regards to a federal refinance option, it may take a while to build up the necessary credit and equity to go through with your financial decision. Additionally, your lender may request an appraisal from you to check out the property and see if it fits safety and health requirements mandated by the federal government.

If you’re coming from the perspective of wanting to lower your mortgage rate, then a federal streamline refinance is the option you need to choose. Take advantage of a faster method of refinancing that requires very little paperwork. Also, you won’t have to pay appraisal and repair fees. Since you aren’t getting a cash sum from the equity or using it for personal reasons, you don’t have a major amount of responsibility to handle. FHA streamlines are definitely the quickest way to refinance your house.
One of the best ways to decide your refinance option under FHA is simply doing the research. Go online and see if there are federal lenders in your state. See what types of rates and fees they offer. This way you can come to a more well-rounded decision before you begin to refinance your home.

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