4 Tips to Find the Best Refinance Rates

Refinancing your home can be a great solution to clear some debts, do some home improvements, invest in a property or even raise the value of your current home. You want to ensure a great financial plan that will have you come out on top rather than sinking to the bottom of debt. Here are some tips to help you find the best refinance rates.

What are some reasons why you want the best refinance rates?

One of the first things you should do as a homeowner is find the reasons why you want to refinance your property. If you are going for a conventional refinance, this gives you a choice of short term and long term goals. If you have a federally backed loan, then the place you refinance has to be somewhere you primarily reside. However, you have a choice with conventional loans because you can easily move out of a property or invest in another without a stringent living rule. The question is how long do you plan to stay? Your lender can issue you quality refinance rates. Also, it depends on the type of plan you desire because a cash out refinance plan has a higher interest rate than a streamline refinance plan.


Find out how your credit score plays a role in refinanceBest Refinance Rates

Of course, you’ll feel better with getting a more desirable refinance rate by generally having a higher credit score. Lenders will be more prone to offer you some of the best refinance rates solely due to your dependability. You may qualify for a certain monthly mortgage payment after you refinance. If you decide on a method of refinancing, find out how your credit plays a part in receiving a certain rate for your monthly mortgage amount. Also, if your equity is high, you may be able to parlay that lower rate. You can always go through a number of lenders for an appropriate deal to go with your current budget.


Be aware of any extra fees (FHA financing)

What may seem like one of the best refinance rates could be trouble in disguise. Let’s say you took out an FHA cash out refinance from your home, but your equity was not at a level of 20%. In this case, you can request your lender to pay your closing costs and out of pocket fees in exchange for a higher interest rate in a no cost refinance situation. If the fees do not go over your allowable loan to value ratio, you can pay them yourself or get a cash gift to up to 6% of your loan amount. Otherwise, you will be stuck with paying whatever you took from your loan in an upfront mortgage payment every month and an annual mortgage insurance payment that’s down the line. In a conventional cash out setting, you wouldn’t have to worry about these fees because you built a solid amount of equity. Closing costs alone can add up to thousands of dollars, so it’s wise to be patient and wait out the situation or find an alternative that won’t cost you so much down the road. Some homeowners opt to go with a 15 year plan to cut out higher interest rates, and some go for a 30 year plan to pay a lower mortgage. Be sure you can afford your plan before you act.


Diversify your options

photodune-203442-home-and-garden-xsFOTORIt’s nice to have a stable long term lender, but a fluctuating market can affect your situation more than you think. Sometimes, a lender bound by federal guidelines may not provide you with great rates in terms of a conventional refinance option. This may not be the way to go due to certain limitations it has that may affect your ordeal from a monetary or living condition point of view. Sometimes, strict rules make you ineligible to refinance. For example, if you were to get a FHA streamline refinance, it’s easier to receive it but you can only use it toward your mortgage. A cash out is better because you can get a lump sum of cash from your equity and you have the authority to spend it in a number of manners.

Finding the best refinance rate is arduous due to the number of choices , your situation, and how certain rules/regulations affect the way you can use your equity. It’s important to know not only the method of refinancing in which you pursue, but the length of time needed. Find a good lender who can give you choices for the long and short term to genuinely make your decision a bit easier.


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