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The real estate market is largely influenced by the federal government and the Federal Housing Administration; more than 50% of all home loans are FHA. Because this administration has such sway in the market, you’re going to want to educate yourself a bit on what they are all about before buying or a selling a home. The best place to do this is on the website, where all things that have to do with Federal Housing Administration are located.

Navigating the Website

HUDYour initial instinct when popping onto the homepage may be to turn around and run. Run like crazy and never look back. Why? Because the information you need is there, but it’s going to take a little work to find it. has the home page set up as a navigation hub, or a starting point. The information is sectioned off according to what you are searching for. They have headings titled ‘I want to…’ and ‘In Focus’, plus a couple of more. These headings have links which you can go to for information on a specific subject. Once you select the sub section, you are taken to either another landing page where there are more articles and topics to choose from or an article that has the information you are searching for. As mentioned previously, it feels like you have to work a bit to find the info you need. It was done this way because there is so much information that had to be packed into this website. It had to be easily navigated while giving access to all of it.

Plugging in to the Information Available

While the home page initially looks overwhelming, upon closer inspection you’ll find that each link is just the road to get you where you want to go. Under the ‘I want to’ link you’ll be given options such as ‘Buy a home’ or ‘Talk to a housing counselor’. The option is also there to ‘Ask FHA a question.’ These sub links will be your guides to learning what you need about what you want from the administration.

A second heading is titled ‘In Focus’. All of the links in this section are there as education resources on various Federal Housing Administration topics. Some of them focus on loan limits, others are press releases. This is where you’ll want to go to really learn what type of work Federal Housing Administration is doing in the marketplace. Any changes that come about to FHA loans or administration guidelines should be listed in this section.

Of course, you may not be on the site because you feel the need to educate yourself on what they have to offer. You may be there because you need the resources Federal Housing Administration has access to. The third heading ‘Resources’ is where you will find the information you need to contact the various off shoots of the Federal Housing Administration, including the HUD National Servicing Center and the HUD Homeownership Centers. There will also be links to the audience groups available. These groups include lenders, appraisers, inspectors, real estate brokers, homeowners, and more. The group links will take you to a landing page that has all the information available for that specific group type. The information is targeted more specifically to that group, instead of trying to cover a broad spectrum. It’s quite helpful if you are a homeowner looking for information on Escrow or the military.

If you aren’t able to find what you want by searching the links listed on the homepage, there FHA.govis a search box where you can search for specific keywords. When you use this search box it pulls up the results much and lists them much like the Google search engine does. The one difference is that the results the government search pulls up are all articles and links that are attached to, rather than a broad internet search for all related topics.

When you decide you want to learn about Federal Housing Information, or any info regarding your interaction with them, is going to be your greatest resource. Anything you need to learn about regarding the administration in the marketplace including contracts, special housing situations, interest rates, loan guidelines, and much more can be found or accessed through the main homepage. This is a great resource for homeowners, home buyers, lenders, appraiser, and investors, basically any person or organization that will be dealing with FHA loans.

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