Guild Mortgage Company – A Complete Review

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Guild Mortgage Company has over 50 years in the business, starting as a home financing company for American Housing Guild in San Diego. They provided residential mortgage to home buyers in American Housing Guild’s new developments. However, 1972 was the year they expanded to resale mortgage financing. They continued to grow with over 40 branch offices serving the West Coast of the United States. By creating a focus center for GNMA, FNMA, FHA and bond programs, they make it easier for their new home-buyers to follow through with access to mobile, fluid, and on-demand information. It’s also one of the few companies that has a very diverse team mixed with powerful women and men. In fact, the President and CEO of the company is a woman named Mary Ann McGarry. Here’s why I rate Guild Mortgage Company an 8.0 out of 10.

Strong Values that Include the Community

Mary Ann McGarry, CEO of Guild Mortgage Company

CEO of Guild Mortgage Company, Mary Ann McGarry

Guild Mortgage Company has stood the test of 50 years due to their unwavering valor in their core beliefs as well as community involvement. Whether it’s a referral partner or investor, they really live out their values. Honesty and integrity are the pillars of their values; priorities, leadership, and respect fall right under these traits. By creating an environment that believes in mutual respect throughout the lower levels and higher ups, this ultimately builds a positive synergy that helps the company flourish. Building long lasting relationships is their main concern outside of financial gain.

It is always nice to see a corporation care about humanity– which they do by addressing illnesses that affect the youth. A branch of Guild Mortgage Company in Lake Oswego raised over $20,000 to send to the Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) to benefit ill children, teens and their families. They developed a special relationship with their clientele, especially in the realm of helping to aid this cause. In addition to the $20,000+ donated, some members of Guild Mortgage Company were able to raise $547,000 during a radio-a-thon for a fundraiser held by CAA on Valentine’s Day.

Guild Mortgage Company is there with the people during the hard times. It’s no wonder why Sarah Middleton, Regional Manager for Guild Mortgage, founded The Broken Road Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to help people build a road of recovery by leveraging the generosity of individuals and businesses. They were able to provide over 500 new tennis shoes for elementary and middle school students in Colorado, Utah and Texas.

Brief Review of Online Testimonies Regarding Guild Mortgage Company

Guild Mortgage Company has a number of mixed reviews regarding their services from the perspective of employees and customers alike. Judging from some of the customers’ testimonies, I could tell there were a few major things that Guild did not deliver on that a new homeowner would certainly be concerned about. There were a number of cases where they did not follow through with approval for a loan which is a bit of a red flag when it comes to mortgage services. On the plus side, I did see a couple of reviews that gave general thanks for working through a difficult mortgage time especially for brand new homeowners who did not have much experience in refinancing or home buying. Also, a customer was able to build a long standing relationship with Guild. A good mortgage company always wants to make sure it builds a last relationship, not just a transaction with its customers.

From the employees’ standpoint, things were a bit more in the middle. A lot of employees appreciated the unbridled focus of helping the group accomplish their initiatives. It was very challenging to grow in some cases, but that’s just how it is in business. Some were laid off due to low loan volume but had a great experience during their short tenure. Some wanted more marketing cooperative opportunities and more forums to relay certain ideals. It seemed that overall, employees had an excellent experience working for Guild Mortgage.

Social Media and Web Presence

While they do have a Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter page, I think they should engage more. Social Media has become an integral part in the way businesses can directly touch the concerns of their clients. They appear to be updating more frequently, but there aren’t very many followers. I think in time the following will grow if they by produce richer content in their social platforms.

As far as the website is concerned, it’s pretty straightforward. The home page has a huge section that provides a link to send you directly to home loans, which is great– there’s no need to search all over the site to get exactly what you want. Right under the main image there are smaller selections with links to loan options, making a loan payment, and even how to apply to work for the company. At the top of the page you can also login into your online account and you can search to find a branch closest to you. Unfortunately, there isn’t a mobile app available for users on the go. It would definitely help if they had an app to stay on an even playing field with their competitors.

Tons of Programs for the Home Buyer

Guild Mortgage Company has a great selection of products and services for an active or veteran military person, reduced rates for FHA mortgages, options for cash out refinance, fixed payments and more. Here are some of the things you can look for on this site:

-VA Loans
-FHA Cash Out
-USDA Loans
-FHA Streamline
-State Bond Programs
-Adjustable Rate Mortgages
-Jumbo Loans
-HARP 2.0

Guild Mortgage has a great way of anticipating some concerns you may have, and they conveniently put solutions to issues on their products and services page. This is a great tool to use especially if you don’t have a clue as to what is the best way to proceed in your particular financial ordeal. There’s also a contact page with a branch locator to find a Guild Mortgage Company service near you! Additionally, rates are below the national average.

Guild Mortgage Company is a pretty solid service overall. While it does need to work on it’s social media presence and a mobile app to keep their edge toward competitors, so as to make it easier on the new and experienced home-buyer. With an informative site, good programs available for customers, and a good look into the community– it deserves an 8.0 out of 10 rating.