How HUD’s Mission paved the way for Inclusive Communities and Affordable Homes for all

I can remember growing up and being able to watch TV, using a home computer and eventually a cell phone. Though this seems to sound like many people around the world, I was born in 1970 where these types of electronics were slowly being developed or not as common in a household. As my childhood progressed, I would hear the same story told by many fathers and mothers across the United States when I would ask for something. The child would start the dialogue by asking for something like, “Why can’t I have a computer like Jim does?” The parent would reply with, “When I was your age I didn’t have one” or “If you want one so badly, go ask Jim’s parents to buy you one!” Being the child, I would comment how unreasonable they were being and swore I would never say that if I had children. Though I never had children of my own, I became a middle school teacher and taught for ten years. During that time and even today, I understand why my parents said that to me so many years ago and that a person should be happy to have the basics in life that others do not; food, clothing, their health and a place to live. Shortly before I was born, the government was struggling to help those who wanted to become a homeowner to be able to get an affordable one as well as not be discriminated against. An agency needed to be created to help strengthen the housing market, bolster the economy and protect consumers’. Thus became the mission of HUD and because of this agency, helped paved the way for people to become homeowners.

What is HUD?

HUDIn order to appreciate the role this agency played in our history, it is vital to know what it means and why there was a need for it’s’ creation. HUD (The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development) was established in 1965 as a Cabinet department. President Lyndon Johnson created this department as part of the “Great Society” program which was a set of domestic programs that the president and fellow Democrats promoted in Congress in the 1960’s. Within the social reforms that needed to be addressed, there were two that this “Great Society” focused on; the elimination of racial injustice and poverty. Thus, in 1965, the department was given life and its task was to create and put forth policies on metropolises and houses.

Before its’ creation; in fact, before the “Great Society” program, it was recognized that a large number of people could either not afford to pay for a home or were denied because the communities only wanted “their kind” of people living within. This was during the era of civil rights for all and not granted to those of different color or race. Now was the time for this agency to embark on its’ mission as to create affordable, strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality homes for everyone. Also, the department needed to work on making the housing market more secure, bolster the economy and protect the rights of consumers. In order to help tackle and make sure that the poor could secure a home, the housing platform needed to be changed so others less fortunate could secure quality and affordable rental homes; therefore, improve the quality of life for others. Finally, the department would need to transform the way business is done so sustainable and inclusive communities are free from discriminating others who just want to become a homeowner and experience the quality of life for themselves as well as for their families.

How HUD has paved the way for People to Become Homeowners

Since the time of its creation, this agencies mission has become a reality as so many people became homeowners thanks to them. All a person needs to do is to go online and see how much easier it is to purchase a single family home as well as a multifamily property. Living during an age of technology has made it even easier for them to provide rental assistance than it was decades before it’s’ creation. Several assistance programs are available depending on what you want as well as what your situation is. Those who own an apartment in privately owned subsidizing housing can find help for low-income tenants to have their rent lowered. When it comes to public housing, there exists a program that can help the elderly, people with a disability and low-income families with an affordable apartment. To say that this department has done an excellent job in fulfilling its’ mission would be a lie. There are a large number of homeless people living in the United States and one common factor is they cannot afford to live in a home or rent an apartment. Does this mean then that they failed in its’ mission? Well, not exactly. One could argue that it has being that all or everyone cannot afford to purchase a home or rent an apartment to live in. However, in defending this agency, it can be argued that a good percentage of people have a home or rent an apartment due to their assistance. Since this agency still exists, it would be unjust to say the mission has failed since it has and continues to help others to acquire a home or an apartment. So, if you are someone who has benefited or is in the process of benefiting from services provided from The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, then you can testify about what this program is and how it has and continues to pave the way for people to purchase affordable homes, become a homeowner and become a part of an inclusive community.