How to Compare FHA Refinance Rates

fha refinanceIf you have a federal loan, it’s a good idea to compare FHA refinance rates to ensure that you ended up with the better financial plan. Federal loans will give you a few great options to refinance your mortgage in a more cohesive manner. Here are a few things to think about regarding your federal loan.



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The First Step Is How to Acquire an FHA Loan

If a federal loan is something you’re considering in the future, you need to know a few things on how to acquire this type of service. The first step is to ensure you give the correct addresses where you have lived in the past two years, your employer’s info for the past two years and your gross monthly salary. Also, you need a solid record of your source documents such as W-2s, your income, and even credit. Lenders are going to check your 12-month mortgage payment history as well, so make sure you stay up on your payments.

What Options Do You Have to Compare FHA Refinance Rates?

fha refinance ratesIf you want to compare FHA refinance rates, you have to realize you have a couple of main options such as a federal cash out refinance and federal streamline refinance. These are two different choices you should do heavy research on to see if it works well with your living conditions. Ask yourself, “what’s my primary reason for refinancing”? Do you want stability as far as your mortgage rates? Do you want to finally use the equity you’ve built over time to pay off some debts? Let’s break this down a bit.

FHA Cash Out Refinance

You can refinance with a cash out and retrieve the equity you have built up. A FHA cash out refinance gives you the option to pay off your auto loans, student bills, hospital bills. Some homeowners will use the equity to take a vacation, or investing in a second property. This federal refinance choice requires a solid amount of income, equity, and credit. It may take you up to a year or so to build before you begin the cash out refinance process. You need at least a 580 credit score and 3.5% equity. However, it requires much more equity if your credit score is below 580. Seeing as you are given these freedoms, paperwork is much more stringent. Lenders need to be sure that they will be insured in case of any mishaps. If you find yourself on the lower end of credit and equity, you may want to wait a while until it reaches a respectable level. Otherwise, you may find yourself paying some insane premiums on a monthly and yearly basis. Also, lenders are more prone to request an appraisal of your home to see if it meets health and safety requirements. Appraisals can get quite costly especially if you have to do some repairs or updates to your home to meet the standards of the federal government.

FHA Streamline Refinance

Some homeowners compare federal refinance rates and find that a streamline plan works better because of fewer costs and paperwork. Also, with a streamline refinance you don’t have to get an appraisal or do any repairs. Some homeowners simply just want to lower mortgage rates to create some type of stability in the future. It’s really up to you to decide on the refinance option.

How to find Federally Insured Banks?

FHA refinance rateIf you like doing a preliminary background check on what companies will provide an optimal solution, this is a solid way to compare FHA refinance rates. Most banks will show you how they can help as far as conventional or federal loans. You can go online and see their refinance section and see what types of loans they typically dabble in such as auto loans, home loans, or something else you consider regarding your new financial planning. This is a great asset because you can view the types of fees they include when it comes to refinancing. Also, you may get a reduced price on closing costs depending on your relationship with the refinance company. You should even contact your normally checking/savings bank to see what they have to offer. If you have any concerns about whether or not they are legit, you can check them out on the official FHA website.

It may take time to compare FHA refinance rates, but it’s better to have a variety of options available. This way you can have a pretty good idea of what to expect when you’re accomplishing your goals.

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