How it works!

The Basics

You enter your borrower’s basic information and RefiNancey constantly checks market conditions to determine whether the borrower is eligible for a refinance. If the answer is yes, RefiNancey will send the borrower a notification through email letting them know that “Now is a great time to refinance!”.

Periodic Branded Newsletter

RefiNancey will send out a periodic newsletter of valuable content (which has been tested and measured for effective readership engagement). This newsletter will show the information as recommended by you.

This is great for encouraging top of mind awareness for you with your borrowers.

Refinance Quote Form

Our marketing efforts are always encouraging borrowers to get a rate quote. Inside this rate quote form there is a checkbox which is set to default stating the following. “Please let “YOUR NAME” know that I’m interested in a refinance.”.

Once they hit submit you will instantly be sent a notification that your borrower is interested in a refinance.

Social Media Engagement

Social Media marketing is all about constantly engaging your audience. The challenge is that constantly being on facebook and twitter to share your interests and put your face in front of people all the time is time consuming and distracting.

RefiNancey is always creating valuable content which is measured and tested for effective readership engagement. If you choose to do so, you may connect your social media accounts such as Facebook Pages, Twitter, etc… In doing so, RefiNancey will share content on your behalf. You are in control of the frequency that RefiNancey does this to ensure you’re presenting your image in the way you want it.

Paid Borrower Dashboard

Up to 1,000 borrowers
  • Refinance Quote Solicitation || Social Engagement, Periodic Newsletters || Advanced Reporting

  • +

  • +White Label Branding || +Up to 1,000 borrowers || +Fico Monitoring, etc…

  • Coming Soon!

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